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Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation in UAE is available at Thermal Insulation. Ceramic fiber blanket is a double needled blanket especially manufactured for industrial high-temperature applications. It contains no binding agent and maintains good tensile strength. It’s available in 1260°C and 1425°C in various thickness and density combinations.

Therefore Features of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • Double Needled Blanket
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Excellent Insulation properties
  • Excellent Tensile strength
  • Excellent Chemical Stability
  • Low weight comparatively others
  • Resistant to Thermal Shock
  • Flexible and easy to cut
  • Good Sound Absorption

Furthermore Applications of Ceramic Fiber Blanket 

  • Industrial Furnace, Kiln and Own.
  • Back and wall lining material.
  • Furnace expansion joints, door, roof heat insulation seal.
  • High temperature pipe insulation material.
  • Pipe covering insulation of commercial dryers and covers
  • Heat treating and annealing furnaces
  • Furnace door linings, seals and hot face repairs
  • Reusable turbine covers
  • Veneer over existing refractory

Availability : 

In addition customized sizes are available on request.

    Thickness mm    Density    Roll Size(Width mm)   Roll Size (Length mm)
    6  96/128   610   610×7200
   13  96/128   610   610×7200
   25  64/96/128/160   610   610×7200
   38  64/96/128/160   610   610×3600
   50  64/96/128/160   610   610×5000

We, Thermal Insulation supply long-lasting Ceramic Fiber insulation which are highly flexible and light weight. In addition the Blankets have good heat, impact, chemical and shock resistant with good insulation properties. Besides are you worried about not getting the Ceramic blankets in your desired thickness? Don’t worry we’ve got your back with our wide-ranging inventory.

Please call or WhatsApp for inquiries and orders of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation in UAE.

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