Ceramic Insulation

Unifrax “Fibrefrax” Ceramic Insulation: Unifrax Fibrefrax Ceramic Fibre is a leading producer of ceramic fibre product for wide variety of industrial application, Its ISO9001 and 14001 accredited plant worldwide, produces Refractory Ceramic Fibre Products in all grades and forms. Unifrax Fibrefrax is a part of Unifrax corporation , USA with manufacturing & sales Presence in most of the world’s major industrial regions and a leadership position in the global high temperature fibres market, The key technology in the production of unifrax high temperature fibre products is the fiberisation of the molten material. This advanced process is the result of more than six decades of experience in the evolution of refining and processing technologies developed bt Unifrax Engineers.

  • Key Features of Fibrefrax® Ceramic Fibre:
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Thermal Shock resistant
  • Light Weight
  • No curing time, can be fired to operating temperature immediately
  • Easy, Quick installation and repair
  • Available in Various Grades and Forms
  • Max Temp from 1260˚C – 1600˚C

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