High Temperature Cloth /Fabric/Pad

Various industrial applications use high-temperature cloth/ pillows or glass cloth/ silica cloth for the fabrication of removable insulation pillows, pipe wraps, and covers likewise shipbuilding industries use welding fire blankets/ clothes. These specialty fabrics cover high-temperature ranges.

These cloths used in the fabrication of removable insulation blankets, pipe wrapping, turbine blankets, fittings, flange covers, and engine exhaust pipe covers. Other fabrics available include Teflon and Vermiculite versions. See our vast inventory of fiberglass listed below for a solution.

High-Temperature Fabrics are suitable for temperature ranges from 300ºF up to 2,300ºF. Many High-Temperature Cloth/ Pillows are manufactured with temperature-resistant yarns and can be subject to various treatments and coatings.

We offer one of the largest inventories of High-Temperature Fabrics available in the insulation market.

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