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ThermalGreen ceramic products, envisions of asbestos free world for maintaining an Eco-friendly working conditions even in adverse service temperatures. Technically every production cycle in an Organization emphasis ongaining better efficiency. Higher efficiency minimise losses and yields Eco-friendly growth for the Organization. Sustaining better efficiency at higher temperatures comes with the task of maintaining lower conductivity and keeping the breakdown to bare minimum. ThermalGreen offers you a world class range of Ceramic products for insulation in the high temperature elements like Boilers, Furnaces, Reformers, Cyclones, Kilns, and various other industrial applications.

ThermalGreen Ceramic products are pertinent in various industrial applications in UAE, Middle East, Europe etc. Worldwide preferences to our products reinstate our belief of maintaining high quality of ceramic fiber properties at an affordable rate, for ensuring total Client satisfaction and longer business association. World class properties of Ceramic fiber are second to none in terms of service in higher temperatures. Some of its unique properties include:

Zero dryout period :

  • Lower Thermal conductivity
  • Excellent resistance to Thermal shock and chemical attack
  • Zero Asbestos
  • Easy in installation, handling and storage

A wide range of Ceramic Insulation products of varying sizes and densities are manufactured for complying with your needs and requirements. Our wide Ceramic products range consists of:

  • ThermalGreen Ceramic Blanket (Grade 1260 and Grade 1430)
  • ThermalGreen Ceramic Boards (Grade 1260 and Grade 1430)
  • ThermalGreen Ceramic Textiles
  • ThermalGreen Ceramic Paper
  • ThermalGreen Anchoring System

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