Refractory Castable(Fire Cement)

When its come to Refractory Castable also called as Fire Cement that’s where the challenge arises , it’s a Behemoth task to Select the right kind
of Castable for any application , in Layman’s term its called Fire cement as well ,

At Thermal refractories we ensure the batch to batch testing and Uniformity In Terms of Consistency thus ensuring optimal performance of castables
Thermal Refractories ensures the timely supply of we have been associated with Calderys to ensure Consisted supplies

And we have been promoting there range of Castable Fire Cement
Conventional castable

  1. Whytheat K Calderys Castable
  2. Whytheat A Calderys Castable
  3. Thermheat K Refractory Castable
  4. Thermheat A Refractory Castable

Low Cement Castable

  • ACCMon 60

Light Weight Insulation Castable

  1. Insulyte 11
  2. Insulyte 13
  3. Thermlite Insulation Castable

And many customized castables to suit your requirement

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