Refractory Mortar

Refractory Mortars

At Thermal refractories based on your industries and bricks grade we ensure the Thermal Mortar grade
are as per guidelines and at Thermal we have the following grade;

ThermalTar 40
ThermalTar 60
ThermalTar 70

Therbond (for Insulation Bricks)

ThermalTar 40
ThermalTar 60
Thermaltar 70
Therbond (for Insulation Bricks)

On the method of manufacture:

Dry press process
• Fused cast
• Hand molded
• Formed (normal, fired, or chemically bonded)
• Monolithic-plastic, ramming, and gunning mass, castable, mortars, dry vibrating cement.)
• Un-formed dry refractories.

Types of Refractory:

• Refractory Fire bricks
• Refractory Insulation Bricks
• Refractory Castables
• Insulation Castables
• Refractory Mortar

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