Aluminum faced Glass cloth Supplier in UAE

High-performance silica fabric for use in high-temperature applications. Easy to fabricate and remains flexible after high-temperature exposure. Provides excellent protection from molten metal splash and can be used in welding and metal cutting applications and provides excellent protection from molten metal splash. Silica fabrics have many uses ranging from welding to metal cutting applications. Another use for these fabrics is in the creation of removable insulation blankets.

Silica fabrics are flexible fabrics specially developed to replace the asbestos fabric in welding and stress relieving applications where protection against heat or molten metal is necessary.

Silica fibres made of Sodium Silicate are used in heat protection and in packings and compensators. They can be made such that they are substantially free from non-Alkali Metal compounds.

Sodium silicate fibers may be used for subsequent production of Silica fibers, which is better than producing the latter from a melt containing SiO2 or by acid-leaching of glass fibers. The silica fibers are useful for producing wet webs, filter linings and reinforcing material.

They can also be used to produce Silica Acid fibers by a dry spinning method. These fibers have properties which make them useful in friction-lining materials.

Price(AED/Pc): 2,250.00 AED

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