Insulation Castables

Insulation castables are specialised monolithic refractories that are used on the cold face of applications. They are made from lightweight aggregate materials such as vermiculite, perlite, extend – -spheres, bubble alumina and expanded clay. Their main function is to provide thermal insulation. They are typical of low density and low thermal conductivity. Their mechanical strength is lower than the refractory castables.

Insulating castable refractory materials are key to this energy-saving process due to their inherent low heat conductivity as well as advantages derived from ease of placement and structural strength. However, with so many local, national and global manufacturers delivering to market a myriad of material technologies and products, accurate specification is a highly challenging task.

Applications: Industrial, Oil & Gas, Power Plants, refineries, Foundries, Cement & Glass Industries.

Taking an industrial or commercial furnace or kiln out of operation is inconvenient and incredibly expensive, so specifying an insulating castable refractory that is quick and efficient to apply, while providing long reliable service, is of great benefit to the end-user.

Insulating castable products which are deemed easy to install are consistent in production and can be applied under a wide variety of conditions. Cast process crushed IFB based castables have a consistent density and particle size enabling tight control on water addition resulting in a smooth castable with good flow characteristics. They also lend themselves to installation by gunning and by pumping since a more porous aggregate will tend to clog the hoses.

Price(AED/Pc): 8.50 AED


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