Refractory Fire Bricks

Refractory Fire Bricks
Based on fusion temperature:

At the instance Refractory materials can be classified into three types based on Fusion Temperature (melting point).

Normal refractory: Fusion temperature of 1200 ~ 1550 °C
High refractory: Fusion temperature of 1780 ~ 2000 °C
Super refractory: Fusion temperature of > 2000 °C
Our TR Range shall serve major industries,

TR 30 (30% Alumina)
TR 40 (40% Alumina)
TR 50 (50% Alumina)
TR 60 (60% Alumina)
TR 70 (70% Alumina)

Light Weight Insulation Brick

our Light Weight temperature Insulation Bricks is applied as a Light weight backup lining on various high temperature Application

Our super grade and High Alumina firebricks refractories to cater for high end Application depending on the temperature and other technical parameters.

With Thermal Insulation’s Fire Bricks, now available for delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. Our Fire Bricks boast exceptional heat resistance, providing unparalleled safety in high-temperature environments. Trust Thermal Insulation for cutting-edge fire protection solutions that meet the stringent standards of the UAE. Contact us today for swift delivery and expert support, ensuring your structures are safeguarded with the best-in-class fire brick insulation

– Industrial Furnaces
– Kilns and Ovens
– Chimneys and Flues
– Foundry Applications
– Incinerators
– Boilers and Power Plants
– Metal Smelting
– Heat Treatment Ovens
– Heat Treatment Facilities
– Burn Pit

Price(AED/Pc): 6.00 AED


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